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Adopters, Droppers, Social Media, Cars and Jobs (with video)

February 25, 2011 2 comments

This is the follow-up to the post It’s not who loves you. It’s who dumps you.

NCTAGreg Behr and Billy Warden from Raleigh’s GBW Strategies say you gotta know who dumps you and why if you want to stay in front and stay in business.  I saw their presentation this week at an NCTA Leadership Series event where my day job was one of the sponsors.  Other speakers included Eric Boggs at Argyle Social and Wall Street Journal auto writer Dan Neil. Thanks to new NCTA member Carolina Hurricanes for hosting the breakfast event at the Arena Club in the RBC Center.

What’s a first dropper? Here’s the underlying idea:

First adopter:    Let’s get to the party – I want to be the first one there.
First dropper:    This party sucks. Let’s go.
First adopter:    But we just got here – I’m staying.
First dropper:    I wanted free drinks, a cash bar is lame. I’m gone.

The adopter is now a conformist; the dropper becomes an insurgent. What will she do next – go someplace else? Throw her own, presumably better party? Or stop going to parties altogether?  Check out the video for more.

It’s not a new idea per se, but it’s one that merits attention. How well do you really know what customers want? This concept takes a shot at understanding defections before they become a trend. Interesting enough. But really, you should watch the video above or read the article about them in Details magazine.

Eric’s firm, Argyle Social, is trying to help companies navigate the social media waters, identifying trends and critical conversations that may signal defections, dangerous territory or opportunities down the road. Corporate communicators should give their tool a test drive, it’s free…Eric’s advice – test – be thoughtful about how you use social media.

By the way, ARGYLE SOCIAL Is HIRING. Watch Eric’s video to hear what they do and what they’re looking for.

Last and certainly not least, I could listen to Dan Neil for hours or watch his reviews on video. He is THE pre-eminent car guy in America. There will never be a substitute for a very good, intelligent, witty speaker at the pinnacle of his career speaking on the subject of his/her expertise that occupies significant emotional, intellectual and physical space in our culture about which we all have deep personal connection or opinion. In this case, cars. BTW, the Pulitzer-winning critic drives a Honda Odyssey, says the Volt is the future, and says perceptions can keep great cars from becoming great icons (Think Miata, 1980’s BMW 325 and Hummer H2).

Overall good NCTA programming – a refreshing break from the normal IT stuff.