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It’s not who loves you. It’s who dumps you.

It’s not who loves you longest, it’s who dumps you first. You know, the ones that buy-in early, then drop you when disillusioned. They’re called First Droppers. They are the ones who matter. Famous droppers include Jesus (yes, THAT Jesus), Ben Franklin and Marty Scorcese (really). Well, so they say. Don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself.

You can click the links in this post or hear directly from the thought leaders with the big idea.

Greg Behr and Billy Warden explain the “First Dropper” concept they pioneered — featured in Details Magazine. Pulitzer Prize winning Wall Street Journal columnist Dan Neil looks at First Droppers in the innovation-dependent auto industry. And social media analyst Eric Boggs, co-founder of Argyle Social, explores the metrics.

It’s all a part of NCTA’s Leadership Series. Go here for registration information.

Get connected to the speakers and the event here:

Visit Greg and Billy
Follow Argyle Social

Learn about Dan Neil @WSJ.  Pulitizer Dan is a graduate of both East Carolina (B.A.) and N.C. State (M.A.)
And don’t forget the N.C. Technology Association

Jesus is the ultimate First Dropper, Ben Franklin and the founders of America were First Droppers, Martin Scorsese 

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